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Welcome to KJ Flow Yoga & Art! My name is Katie!


I’ve had the privilege of teaching yoga for 8 years and have been painting as a hobby for the last 5 years. I currently reside in Miami, Florida, teaching local Yoga and Pilates classes and painting in my spare time. I fell in love with yoga over 7 years ago because of the way it made me feel and the mindfulness it brought into my life. Paint pouring is wonderful to me because it forces me to be present in the moment with the paint itself to manipulate and adjust it in ways to make something beautiful that will eventually make someone else’s space also beautiful. My classes will challenge you, make you dance a little, and make you truly appreciate all your body can do. I teach from my soul and truly love my role in being a helping hand to evolve your yoga practice. All inquiries about custom paint pieces and yoga classes for groups or private sessions are welcome!



From My Heart To Yours,


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