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Learning to flow with it

Hello hello everyone! My name is Katie, owner and operator of my own art and yoga business. I am new to the entrepreneur game. I am a mother of a beautiful and crazy little girl, Nova. I am a girlfriend, daughter, friend, an artist. These last few years of transitioning into motherhood have been a wild ride for me. My goal is to show my daughter exactly how to take heartfelt risks, build a life you seriously love, and create create create to inspire others to do the same. With this business, I strive to build others up through art and yoga to help them further see the magic that already is within them.

Yoga has been my savior. Before I started to practice religiously, I was all over the place. I knew something was up but didn't know how to put it to words or actions to change it. Practicing brought me peace, finally. The self discovery ball started rolling and continues to do so today. I did my yoga training at through Wild Abundant Life in 2014 and what an incredible journey it has been ever since. Teaching brings me so much joy, as do the amazing people I've met and continue to meet through this practice. I know in my gut this is what I'm meant to be doing!

I hope to inspire you to make something beautiful just because, without fear or judgement. Keep moving and evolving. Build up people you love and people you just meet. Never stop creating! love love love!

Namaste sweet friends


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